We carry SUPER-PREMIUM award-winning Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream whom uses only the
  best quality ingredients for fresh, delicious flavor
– ice cream in St. Charles never tasted better!

Coming This Summer! Lemon Meringue, Peach,
Peanut Butter Cup, Fat Elvis, Raspberry Lemon Italian Ice,
Electric Watermelon Italian Ice


Old Fashioned Vanilla, Zanzibar Chocolate, ZOREO,
Coffee Bean, Exhausted Parent, Burnt Butterscotch,
Cookie Dough, This $&@! Just Got Serious,
Pistachio Nut, Moose Tracks, Cake Batter Fudge,
Turtle, Mint Chip, Praline Pecan, Superman,
Cotton Candy Twist, Heaps of Love, Rum Raisin,
Birthday Cake, Espresso Oreo, Black Cherry,
Zanzimint, Coconut Almond Bliss, Caramel Chaos,
Carrot Mango Italian Ice
Flavors may vary.

   Coming soon!!!

Freezer Containing Ice Cream
Scoops Of Ice Cream On A Cone